about the artist 

Frido *  is a physician-scientist and geneticist passionately dedicated to bringing the inner beauty of life's natural and man-made wonders to all of us.  Through his scientific training, clinical experience, travels, acquaintances and friendships, Frido has gained an appreciation for small undiscovered details and novel outlooks.  

In many ways, Frido embodies the diversity, conflicts, and harmonies within all of us.   Keeping close the traditions of his clinical and scientific training, Frido apprentices a small group of scientist-artists in his philosophy, style and techniques, through Studio Frido.  Among the artists are engineers, physicians, biologists, and computer scientists dedicated to his vision. 

Studio Frido hopes that the art in this book brings you to a greater understanding and appreciation of the commonplace objects in your life, and reincarnates the childhood wonder for the natural world in all of us.


The technology behind the Art 

Microscopic computed tomography permits non-destructive inspection of the inner structure of objects with incredible detail (on the order of 1/10th the thickness of a human hair).   Using x-rays to take multiple 2-dimensional pictures of an object at different angles, computed tomography generates a three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the original object that can be viewed at variable levels of transparency.  State-of-the art computer science tools then enhance inner features based on not only their density but also their curvature and edge sharpness.   These scientific tools, though sophisticated, nonetheless simplify the way we view common objects, bringing out both the magnificence and simple balance that nature (and man) have created in the blessed world.

*  pseudonym

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