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Customized CT Scans of Natural and Man-Made Objects Sure to be a Hit.

San Antonio , TX – A new artistic process, in development at Studio Frido, Inc. in San Antonio , Texas , will allow interested parties to submit small (under 15 cm in diameter) natural and man-made objects for visual processing. The computerized techniques and artistic eye of the scientist-artists at Studio Frido will produce eerily beautiful, intensely complex images from these simple objects for clients to use as they see fit. Studio Frido will work with the clients to produce images suited to clients’ taste, décor, and mood.

This new customization process is expected to be a big hit with young, hip, up-and-coming professionals, retirees looking to simplify their lives, and advertising companies. The images themselves, however, will be an inspiration to anyone who’s ever wondered, “What’s hidden on the inside?”

If you’d like to learn more about 3-D computed tomography custom renderings, limited edition prints, or the book that will soon be available from Studio Frido, contact, or go to


About Studio Frido, Inc.

Studio Frido is made up of a group of scientist-artists dedicated to using science to bring the inner beauty of natural and man-made objects to the public, using a newly invented process involving microscopic computed tomography.

Microscopic computed tomography permits non-destructive inspection of the inner structure of objects with incredible detail. Using x-rays to take multiple 2-dimensional pictures of an object at different angles, computed tomography generates a three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the original object that can be viewed at variable levels transparency. State-of-the art computer science tools then enhance inner features based on not only their density but also their curvature and edge sharpness.

Computed tomography has been used in the past primarily as a tool of medicine. By expanding the ways in which we use this process, Studio Frido hopes to enlighten and delight the world by showing people things they've never had the privilege to see before, resulting in a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the small wonders in the world.

The organization currently provides limited edition prints of microscopic computed tomography images. Studio Frido also has the ability to provide custom art by making prints of specified objects (generally under 15 cm in diameter). They have also created three-dimensional video representations of scanned images, available on CD, and will soon be releasing the first edition of their book, Life Inside, which is a collection of prints guaranteed to surprise and delight.


Emma Larkins, Public Relations Officer
Studio Frido, Inc.
Telephone: (443) 534-6674

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